Kayla Simmons makes fans go wild with her fishnet skirt and tiny thong

The black bra and fishnet mini skirt she wore stunned Kayla Simmons’ fans.

A former Marshall University volleyball player, Simmons has built up a large social media following over the last few years. She established the seeds of her influencer lifestyle during her time competing.

In her Instagram story, Simmons basked in the heat in a loose fishnet miniskirt paired with a bold black top.

(Image: Instagram/kaylasimmons)

A similar impressive post when she showcased her “Monday fit” followed.

Her 27-year-old self has revisited the subject in past Instagram videos and interviews and admitted she believes her chest is a handicap on the court.

In a previous interview, Simmons said, “I actually wished I had small boobs in middle school.” I wished I had small boobs so volleyball would be easier, but I never got that wish. I feel like you can’t jump as high, run as fast, or dive as well. Everything feels harder.

(Source: Instagram/@kaylasimmmons)

An Instagram post last year by Kayla Simmons received excited comments from her fans.

Her followers were left speechless after she wore a patterned strapless yellow bikini with see-through sections.

A fan wrote: “That’s what I’m talking about.”

Another said she was “The next superstar,” and a third added: “She’s a gorgeous goddess and dreamgirl.”

A fan of her photo commented: “Oh my god, you’re a goddess sent from heaven. Thank you for sharing your beauty.”

One of her female admirers wrote: “Oh my god, my sweet blonde angel.”

One fan wrote: “You are the consummate Beauty Queen. How does it feel to look perfection in the eyes and have perfection blink?””

An Instagram post last year by Kayla Simmons received excited comments from her fans.
(Image: kaylasimmmons/Instagram)

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