An untied bikini top poses a major wardrobe malfunction for Demi Rose in a racy beach photo

Taking to social media, Demi Rose Mawby had fans envious of her sun-kissed evening in a little bikini

In recent weeks, the 28-year-old glamour model has been delighting fans with her stunning snaps while taking in the sights and sounds of Ibiza.

Her teeny two piece outfit was complemented by a woven picnic basket filled with plates and cutlery.

She paired her summery swimsuit with a straw bucket hat to protect her head from the sun.

(Image: Instagram)

Finally, she braided her golden tresses into a delicate braid that trailed down her back.

Afterwards, the influencer donned a gold bikini that struggled to contain her ample assets before heading out for a themed night.

Affectionate fans flooded her social media accounts following her lavish getaway to Cappadocia, a city bursting with ancient history and surreal landscapes.

(Image: Instagram)

Last Friday, she shared a series of bold photos of herself in a mesh dress.

She wore her famous brunette locks in a sleek straight style for the sizzling shoot and sported a matching bikini bra that was untied in the back.

Also, Demi shared a video clip and photo of the lush Ibiza surroundings along with the caption: “Don’t you know yet? It is your light that lights the world.”

In the comments section, fans quickly flocked to compliment her. One person commented: “You have got to be one of the most beautiful people in the world.”

One more expressed: “You’re lighting up my world.”

Another agreed: “You’re truly a goddess.”

(Image: demirose/Instagram)

Her popularity began on Myspace before she joined Instagram at 18 years old, after which she became an international star when she dated American rapper Tyga in 2016.

Having grown up in Birmingham, the star has also been very open about her past. She told The Sun last year: “Throughout my childhood at school, I just got bullied by everyone.

“Boys, girls, and so I wasn’t really able to learn. Everyone just used to like to pick on me, put chewing gum in my hair, like, just to wind me up for their own entertainment.” She added: “I used to go to school for about three hours a week or something, just picking my favourite subjects and having therapy and antidepressants.”

(Image: demirose/Instagram)

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About Demi Rose :

Demi Rose Mawby is a British social media model. As of March 2023, she has over 20 million followers on Instagram . Originally from Myspace, she joined Instagram at age 18 and has an account on OnlyFans, an internet content subscription service based in London. In May 2015, she appeared in DJ Khaled’s music video for “How Many Times”.